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servicing and repairs

I have been looking for a plan B as it looks like I am going to be unemployed in the near future so as I do all of my own repairs/servicing Ive decided to go into doing that. Ill be initially working it around my current job. I already have customers who ive been doing work for years for.

Im looking to do both cars and bikes. I have some of the latest diagnostic software for various car brands etc as well as a automotive diagnostics oscilloscope which is a must for todays vehicles. I specialise in Vauxhall but all brands welcome.

I will be working from home initially but I can also travel a reasonable distance. I have all my own tools and diagnostic equipment. Ive been working in various garages around Liverpool for many years as and when they required me - usually once they have thrown hundreds/thousands at something and still cant fix it lol.

So if anyone needs any servicing, repairs or diagnostics doing then drop me a message. I am located in north Liverpool (L20)

Ill get a mobile number put up in the very near future.

For now you can message me on here



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