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Replacing Panel Instrument light bulbs ? how to

2.2w instead of 1.7w?

Hi, just a quick question re clock lighting on my ER5 - A3. Is it ok to replace the originals with 2.2 watt versions? I realise that there will be a slight increase in heat from them but would it be enough to cause damage, such as melting. I have been looking at LED but the widest angle I've found so far is 45 Degrees which gives a low level but readable light on the rev counter but patchy unsuitable lighting on the speedo. I will continue my quest to find suitable LEDs and let the forum know when I am sucessfull, til then I will be using filament bulbs hopefully 2.2w if the concensus of opinion is that they are ok. Many thanks.............Andy (RadioAmateur)
I nipped down to halfords and put 2 of the 2.2w bulbs in myself last night all seems well, they said they,d be fine ! Mind there was a tasty lookin er6f in green outside so that set a seed !:goofy:
ok i remember reading about the angle of the beam yesterday but cannot find that again in the posts i have a choice between 30, 90, 120, 220 degrees,

the wider the better?

dunno what colour to go for :p


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I don't know about angles. IMO the instrument pannel lacks one or two more "standard" light bulbs as the light does not reflect throughout the surface equally, it is darker at the lower end.

With focus lights or low dispersion, this could be more noticeable. :dunno:


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Blown light bulbs

Over the years I have had plenty of experience replacing the instruments light bulbs. The original bulbs are Stanley, and they all blow black in my experience. The aftermarket bulbs blow clear or with a tint of white.

See pics attached, with two different backgrounds.



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The original bulbs are Stanley, and they all blow black in my experience.
Yeah I found the same. It's useful, in that you have an obvious indication that the bulb's blown :rolleyes:
The bulbs fitted to the GPZ500 clocks also turn black when they blow.


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On the other hand, the pilot light in the headlamp can be black in colour and still working :confused: I am sure that the amount of light that emits is less than normal tho'.

That's what I put in mine ............ It's not running yet but did stick the battery to try them and they are really bright

If one of you guys with a running bike want to try and post pics / review them then send me a pm as I got 10 off them

Obviously I will only have one set to donate to er5 research lol