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I need some help here folks. Two nights ago a dopey git knocked my 2000 ER over. Damage to clutch lever, indicator and gear lever. All on order from Z Power. No problem.

Dent to the tank is a bit of an arse ache. Does anyone have or know of a good used tank in dark grey metallic (square petrol cap type). I tried the breakers list with no success. I also tried Partsfinder with no success as yet. All help in sorting this would be greatly appreciated.




One screw Bob
Staff member
Hi Ken,

If you have no luck with getting a replacement tank is it possible to repair the tank? :dunno:

One of our Administrators, Clive (aka Muppet) has a Bike Medic franchise. I believe he has done wonders for some of our members of the '2004 Crash Club'! I'm not sure what he can do with tanks but it may be worth speaking to him.

He is located down in the New Forrest area, I know he has done a lot of work for our London members in the past.

I can email you his telephone number if you want it.