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Brooms and Brushes

Well this part of the forum has never had a thread, also just paid another ?15 for sponsorship and after all the other offerings in the technical section i decided to stick it in here, for those that pay subs, so here we go.

Well i was bored tonight so i thought i would change the brushes on an old starter motor. To be fair i wish i hadnt bothered as its more grief than its worth. Just as cost effective to get a second hand starter motor off ebay. I suppose at least i can say ive changed the brushes.

you can see from the pictures how worn the old brushes were. I will place the pictures in chronological order, from start to rebuild. The soldering was a knightmere. I had loads of trouble getting heat and solder on the copper and plate. Its not my tidiest soldering by any stretch, but it works - just. Only need to test the starter to make sure it works, although i couldnt see why it wouldnt.

The new brushes i got from wemoto and they were honda original parts. Im not sure how kawasaki originally fitted the brushes to the plate but it doesnt look like they were soldered, unless they were heated by machine and pressed on under great heat and compression??? As i said in an earlier thread kawasaki only sell the plate with the brushes already attached, which leaves me to think that old brushes arent actually meant to be cut and new brushes re-soldered.



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