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Blacks / Millets Discount (Blacks Leisure Group)


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Just as a quick heads-up for you guys - I've just negotiated a discount scheme for our Sponsors and Super Sponsors with the Blacks and Millets Group.

Sponsors will shortly receive an e-mail from Wiz with their unique ID no. which they should use to e-mail jonathon.rafferty@blacks.co.uk to request their personal Blacks Leisure Group Specialist Card.

This card runs for a year and entitles the holder to 15% discount on all merchandise in Blacks and Millets stores including promotional and sale items but excluding gift cards, Garmin and Sat Map products.

Cards usually take about 4 weeks to process so should be out in time for Christmas.

*Mods and Admins - please feel free to copy this into the Sponsors area of your own forums.*
Now passed on to you lot :D

Sounds a quality deal :top:


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To all sponsors,

Further to this - should anyone want to apply for their discount card before they receive the e-mail from Wiz with their ID no., you may wish to PM one of the forum Mods or Admins and request that we provide your ID no.


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Okay I'm trying it out, using the method mentioned above.

I asked about how to word the email, and it's pretty simple, I was given this basic format which should do the job:

"Hi Jonathon,

My Bikers Oracle ID no. is....

If you'd like to arrange a Blacks / Millets Specialist Card for me that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks



So I've completed my details, sent it to the email address in the first post, and I'll report back on what happens next.


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Apparently the cards take 4 weeks to process. Which would be fine if you automatically got a confirmation email to say that your application had been started, but unfortunately that's not in place yet.

Did you email BikersOracle admin, or directly to the the email address supplied?

If you tried the BO admin first, then try using the email format in italics a few posts above - I'll just find your BO user ID and PM it through.


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This discount is no longer available, I believe discount card holders are being sent this message:

Dear Customer,

Due to the recent change in ownership of Blacks and Millets stores we are writing to advise you that the Specialist Group Discount Card is no longer valid. This is with immediate effect. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you are a group leader could you please communicate this to your members?

We would like to make you aware, however, that we continue to offer a discount scheme for in store for members / employees of the following organisations:

? Scouts
? Guides
? Ramblers Association
? Police
? Forces

Kind Regards,

The SGA Team