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Battery Status Monitor (Digital)


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Hi guys,

I rang Al (at AO Services) and he advised me how to ut the device at 90 degrees on the handlebar (I couldn't figure it out yesterday :headsmash ). I fitted at lunch time. See pics!

I asked him if the device is waterproof and he said it is splashproof only, so I will cover the light (no heat is generated) with some transparent plastic or perhaps clear sylicone :dunno: .

MC Bodge - it costs ?20 postage included. Y ou could go for the bezel ounted version, but I prefer to have something "removable" and no holes to drill! Battery Status Monitor ? Handlebar mounting version. 6V and 12V versions

Lumpy - jealous :smokin:

Varcon - diagram - give me some time and will do (but the pics show in which wires I connected it ;))



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Nice work

Well done romi, top bit of work. Soldering scares me, my hands are not steady enough to do this type of work.

I got my haynes back and had a quick look at the wiring diagrams. Another alternative couldve been to take (or cut) the brown wire (where the red probe is) either side of the ignition switch terminal block in the headlight housing.

Get a bullet connector (large size) and use this to connect the live feed of the battery monitor and reconnect the wires you have just cut, and put them together.

That takes care of the live feed.

Then find a negative wire within the housing and connect the negative feed of the battery monitor to this also, using another bullet conector.

Only difference between either way is no soldering, also being independant of the headlight having to be on to get a reading.

I even did pictures ;)


biker, times two
Thanks fuel.

my sister asks me how many megapixels the N95 phone has :dunno:

the city (aka parking/pilot/side) light is ON all the time, independent from the headlight. My ER-5 is C5 model from 2006 - the headlight is ON when the engine is running (it cannot be switched off).

I think that having two bullet connectors (large size) in the headlamp space makes things a bit crampy.

Am I right thinking that the bullet connector effectively has three wires (two cut plus the new one) ? :dunno:


engineless with 2 wheels
Switch gear

So does the switch gear on the C models only have the main headlight switch on it? On the A models you can turn off both headlight and pilot light. Wouldnt reccommend it myself driving without some form of light on, but theres plenty out there that do.

Just finshed rebuilding my A1, while swapping the loom, the wires on the ignition connectors were so corroded they snapped when i pulled the blocks apart. I had to do just that and used a bullet connector to connnect the white wires back together. The bullets can also be covered in a plastic sheath to protect them from the elements giving them some form of protection.

Yes your right about the amount of wires for each connector. 3 wires in total, 2 for one side of the bullet and 1 for the other.

As for the mobile phone has a 5 megapixel with carl zeiss lens. Carl zeiss sound like a porn starts name :D


biker, times two
fuel__2001 said:
So does the switch gear on the C models only have the main headlight switch on it?
Correct, like Volvos. On the C1 it is possible to switch lights off. On C5 you can't. I think they changed it with C3 model.

fuel__2001 said:
As for the mobile phone has a 5 megapixel with carl zeiss lens. Carl zeiss sound like a porn starts name :D
German porn?
On the advice of Mudplug I thought I would post here and say while fitting a digital voltmeter to my bike I discovered a difference in voltage between the battery and at the sidelight wires.
Ignition and sidelights switched on, I had 12.4volts at the battery and only 11.8volts at the end of the sidelight wires so not much point me connecting them there if I do not want to remember how much the difference is while riding.
Also remember to test the voltage at each point with the same voltmeter when you do this to get accurate and helpful results!